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London 2012 y Memorias de Barcelona '92

Os acordáis? Cómo pasa el tiempo, verdad?

Con 9 días para el comienzo de las Olimpiadas aquí en Londres, y con el ambiente festivo cada vez más palpable, tuve un pequeño momento melancólico y nostálgico - recordando esas maravillosas Olimpiadas en Barcelona, mi ciudad natal, hace ya 20 años.

Paralelo a este blog, escribo uno en el trabajo, que publico en nuestra intranet. Para los que os acordáis de aquel memorable 1992, aquí lo comparto con vosotros:

"... and the excitement here in London is definitely palpable, with the Games now literally just around the corner. The streets are crowded with visitors, Heathrow has started welcoming the first international athletes, the festive atmosphere is in the air. 2012 is indeed an extraordinary year for the UK, for organisations such as ours and certainly for many of us as individuals.

I definitely have a soft spot for the Olympic Games, a huge event which I have enjoyed following for many years, but which also brings many special memories.

Back in October 1986, when the late Joan Antoni Samaranch (then President of the International Olympic Committee) famously announced that the 1992 Games were awarded “à la ville de Barcelona”, that was a moment in history that I will never forget. Not only because I was actually at the dentist, in Barcelona, having a tooth extracted - the radio was on, and when Barcelona was announced, everyone jumped and shouted in celebration, including my doctor, who had some scary-looking implement in my mouth (ouch!). How could I forget that moment??

But more importantly, at a time when Spain was desperate to modernise and gain some sort of international recognition, after having fallen so badly behind for so many years, these would be the Games that would give Barcelona and Spain an opportunity for an open window to the world.

In 1992, I had the privilege of being one of the 35,000 volunteers who joined the Barcelona Olympic Games and one of the 15,000 who joined the Paralympics.  A whole army of us worked with enthusiasm and pride throughout the summer to show the best of our city, of our hospitality and of our culture to the world. We wanted the Games to be a success and we worked together to achieve it.

The Games not only transformed and put the city of Barcelona in the world map, but they also transformed the sports and cultural scene for all of Spain, they left a huge legacy that still remains and left an indelible mark on the hearts of all of us who took part (oh, how we all cried when the flame was lit by the arrow!).  

And now, I can live and experience the excitement all over again, for the city of London, for the UK. I am sure the Games here will have the same amazingly positive impact and will leave us with as many special memories.

Barcelona then and London now. How extraordinary how time flies. I was talking about it with my husband the other day. “Can you believe it” – I said – “that the Barcelona Games were 10 years ago ALREADY?”

“Darling” – he said – “not 10 years ago they were… but 20!”.

Oh well, I am 20 years older for sure, but as excited with the Games as I was then!"

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  1. Susana!!!!cuanto tiempo!!!" la piel de gallina se me pone al recordar Barcelons 92. Muchos besos. Bea (un lugar del corazon) perdi tu movil. Mandame un SMS. Besos otra vez. Bea

  2. Bea! Te he mandado un mensaje en Facebook...

  3. En TV3 están dando unos reportajes maravillosos de BCN92...gallina piel¡!


  4. parece que pasaron siglos.
    No estuve allí pero, tengo alguna música que sonó como José Carreras y Serrat cantando paraules d amor...

  5. Que ceremonia la de Londres, eh! Espero que les vaya bien a todos por alla.


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